Class Terms

We operate four 9-week terms each year. The 2020 terms are:

Term 1 Monday 3rd February Friday 3rd April
Term 2 Monday 20th April Friday 19th June
Term 3 Monday 20th July Friday 18th September
Term 4 Monday 12th October Friday 11th December


You must be a financial member of BAS before you may enrol in any Class or Group.
The membership is based on a calendar year.


Enrolments in Tutored classes and payment should be completed two (2) weeks beginning of term. Tutored class fees include model fees if applicable.


Tutored Classes

Tutored classes vary from 2-3 hours per session, structured over a 9 week term and closely follow the normal school terms and holiday periods. Tutored classes scheduled on Public Holidays are subject to alteration at the discretion of the tutor, but in no case will there be less than 18 hours tutored class per term.

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Untutored Groups

Untutored groups are convened by BAS members and do not have a class fee or enrolment. Any financial member of BAS can participate by attending as they wish (ideally contact the Convenor first for more details).

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